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Workshop Descriptions

Job Search Techniques for Mature Workers

In this workshop you will learn the benefits of age diversity in the workplace and ways to overcome the challenges of finding meaningful employment as a mature worker. We will discuss the characteristics of the five generations that are present in the workplace and the benefits each generation brings. You will learn the current trends in job search techniques and how to showcase your lived experience when writing a resume and participating in an interview. Leaving this session, you will feel more confident and empowered to showcase your competencies and skills to find meaningful employment!

Budgeting Essentials

Take control of your finances and become a better budgeter!

Learn the basic concepts of budgeting and practical ways to manage your money each month. Understand how your spending habits affect your budget, and learn tips and tricks that will help you to find ways to stretch your dollars.

To optimize your learning,Please keep track of all daily spending from now until the workshop to help guide our thinking for budgeting. Even that daily Tim’s coffee needs to be added to your list!” In addition have a copy of your current budget handy if you have one.

Effective Communication Skills for the Workplace

Good communication skills are the key to success in any workplace.

During this workshop you will learn the characteristics and importance of Active Listening. You will be introduced to the four main Verbal and Social Communication styles and leave this session with more confidence when communicating in the workplace!

Accessing The Hidden Job Market

Did you know over 60% of available jobs are not advertised? Learn how to access employment opportunities beyond job postings!

In this workshop, you will be guided to complete a networking web, research potential employers, write and practice a 30 second introduction, practice employer cold calls and request an information meeting. In addition, you will learn how to use social media as a networking tool as well as research and create a list of potential employers.

Please have a copy of your resume or start thinking about possible employers that offer the type of work you are looking for.

Resume Writing

You need a top-notch resume to get an interview! Create a targeted resume that will make you succeed as a job applicant.

Learn how to target your resume to job descriptions and use accomplishment statements to clearly demonstrate how you meet the required core competencies in context of the position you are applying for. In this workshop, you will get one-to-one assistance and have time to work individually on your resume.

Please have a paper or electronic version of your resume available and a way to save your documents electronically. In addition, if you have a job description for a job you wish to apply, please bring that along.

Cover Letter Writing

Let your cover letter shine. Learn how to correctly format a cover letter and use it to sell yourself!

This workshop will help you learn formatting components of a professional cover letter and how to include valuable additional information that is not already included in your resume. In addition, you will receive one-on-one assistance and have time to work individually on your cover letter.

Please have the job description of the position for which you are applying.

Interview Skills

Stand out from the crowd! Feel more confident and deal with interview “jitters”.

In this workshop you will be introduced to the different formats for interviews and learn how to give a good first impression. Learn possible answers to commonly asked interview questions, particularly those tricky behavioural questions. In addition, you will prepare questions that you may have for your potential employers and have a “mock” interview as a group.

Please bring a copy of your resume if you have one available. Previous attendance at the Skills ID or Resume Writing workshop would enable you get maximum benefit from this workshop.

Skills ID

Learn to identify and clearly articulate your skills on a resume to land that job!

In this workshop you will learn the nine essentials skills that people need for work, learning and life. By visiting various websites including the Government of Canada’s NOC (National Occupation Code) and, you will be fuelled with ideas for some common occupations and view lists of skills that may apply to you. By the end of this workshop you will have a written set of accomplishment statements and list of skills that can be used in your job search!

Please bring a copy of your resume or as much information as possible about your past job descriptions.

Career Planning

Feel more confident and empowered to make employment related decisions.

This is a one-and-a-half-day workshop where you will participate in group discussion and on-line aptitude testing to learn how to assess your skills, values, personality traits, and interests as they relate to various career options. You will be introduced to basic psychological principles regarding job satisfaction and determine how they relate to your past and future employment. In addition to researching careers of interest, you will be shown the concept of a cost/benefit analysis for educational paths.

Reflect on what type of jobs you have had in the past and what caused your satisfaction or dissatisfaction within those jobs.

Stress and Anger Management

Anger is stressful and stress can be a killer, no doubt about it. Who isn’t stressed these days? Learning to manage the stress doesn’t mean you’ll have a stress -free life – but you can certainly enjoy life it more. Examining your personal beliefs and using some simple techniques is all you need to slow down the stress–mobile. Did you know that anger can be managed in ways that can be of benefit to us? Learn to reduce the amount of stress we inflict on ourselves. Join us to find out more in this workshop.

Self Esteem, Self Care, & Confidence

Is the way you see yourself the way you think others see you? Do you think you are confident? Where do we get confidence from? How do we improve our self-esteem? What does the ideal you look like? How do you talk to yourself? These are important questions to explore if we want to grow, to succeed and to believe we deserve success.

Assertive Communication

If you think communication is all about talking – you haven’t been listening! Communication is NOT all talk. Active listening is one of the most difficult skills to learn and yet it is one of the most essential. Why do arguments start when you thought everything was fine? How can you escape an argument before it becomes a full-blown fight? How important is our non-verbal communication? You may be surprised. Join us for this fun filled workshop and find out.