Programs and Services

Case Managed Services

You may be eligible for Case Managed Services such as:

  • Career assessments and planning
  • Workshops
  • Job search and self-marketing assistance
  • Access to our Resource Centre
  • Daily job leads delivered to your email inbox
  • Labour market information
  • Wage Subsidy
  • Short Term Certificate Training such as First Aid, Food Safe and Serving it Right
  • Formal Training
  • Funding for Work Clothing and Tools
  • Self-Employment training: support to launch your own business
  • Access to specialized programming for Indigenous, Youth, Persons with Disabilities
  • Job Search Services: assistance marketing your skills and strengths directly to employers
  • Customized Employment Development: a personalized approach to negotiating jobs that fit you
  • Job Sustainment Services: job coaching support and/or advocacy on- and off-the-job

Self-Serve Services

Drop by our Resource Centre anytime to access our computers, photocopier/printer, telephone and fax machine, along with over-the-shoulder assistance in applying for jobs. Our Resource Centre is currently running by appointment only.

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Wage Subsidy and Unpaid Work Experience

Hiring and training a new employee involves risk and cost. Wage Subsidy is a work experience that can help reduce the cost associated with hiring by providing reimbursement of a portion of a new employee's wages. This assists employers hire a job seeker who fits their business culture, but doesn't possess all of the skills needed to perform the job. For instance, a candidate may have relevant skills, but may lack experience in one or more areas of your business. A signed agreement must be completed PRIOR to the employee starting work.

It covers a percentage of the employees wage, for a duration of up to 24 weeks.


Helps participants to go BEYOND their current skill set and apply for jobs they may not be fully qualified for Assistance with job placements and hidden job market Support once a placement has been secured creates an opportunity for long-term, sustainable employment


Residents of B.C. who are not employed full-time, part-time, temporary, etc., and are identified for this service through a WorkBC Centre or through an employer.


  1. Register with WorkBC online or in-person
  2. Meet with a Case Manager to assess your eligibility
  3. Attend an orientation to learn: more about this program; how to market yourself with the program; and obtain a letter to give to employers that outlines the program to them.

    Please note: The new hire will not be eligible for WorkBC Wage Subsidy if employment starts before the Wage Subsidy contract is signed

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Unpaid Work Experience

Some job seekers are eligible to participate in unpaid work experience. This provides a way for the individual to gain needed skills. Or, it can assist the job seeker to assess their aptitude and interest in a particular field. Unpaid Work Experience is short-term, lasting 1 day to 12 weeks in duration, depending on the job seeker's needs and eligibility.


Short Term and Short Duration Training

WorkBC offers funding for a variety of short courses such as FoodSafe, First Aid, Flagging and Insurance. depending on your goals and needs. Eligibility requirements vary; please connect with us in person for more information about how WorkBC can assist you to gain the skills and knowledge you need.

Formal Training

You may also be able to access funding to take a recognized post-secondary program if you are having challenges finding sustainable work with your current skills, are on EI, or have worked 5 of the last 10 years or you have any disability or permanent injury.

Support during Training

Career planning assistance to identify suitable careers (and eligible training programs and schools) Financial supports may be available for tuition, living supports books, transportation, or other costs if you do not have other resources required to take the training. We can help with job search after graduation.

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