Hire Inclusively

Connect to workers with diverse abilities and reap the benefits of a diverse workforce:

  • Get the Job Done: Individuals with diverse abilities perform well. In a study of 811 employees with a disability, 82% rated average or above average for job performance.
  • On-the-Job Coaching: We offer one-on-one support for your new employee, if needed.
  • Unpaid Work Experience: Time-limited unpaid positions available for qualifying job seekers.
  • Save Money: Give your current staff time to focus on the specialized tasks your business demands.
  • Wage Subsidies: May be available.
  • Work Safely: Workers with disabilities rated average or better for safety records on and off the job. Persons with disabilities experience fewer disabling injuries than their coworkers.
  • Recognition for Corporate Social Responsibility: For interested businesses, we work hard to inform the community about those who embrace inclusive hiring.
  • Increase Skills Among Existing Workers: Leadership skills and boosted morale often gained.
  • Gain Customer Loyalty: Canadians with diverse abilities have 25 billion dollars’ worth of spending power annually.