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Workshop Descriptions

Creating Accomplishment Statements

Objective: Identify all that you have to offer an employer, including your skills, competencies and accomplishments. You will find that accomplishment statements are not only important to include in a resume, but also are useful when speaking to prospective employers in other scenarios, such as interviews and information meetings.

During this session we will discuss the definition of an accomplishment statement and why it is important to create a bank of statements to use in your job search. You will learn the PAR (Problem or Task, Action, Result) method for creating accomplishments statements and identify strong verbs and adjectives to create context and bring your achievements and successes to life. To assist you with your writing, we will use the Internet to research occupational profiles.

To optimize your learning, it would be beneficial to have participated in the Resume Writing workshop or to have a current resume.

Accessing The Hidden Job Market

Objective: Over 60% of available jobs are not advertised! You will leave this workshop knowing how to access employment opportunities beyond published job postings.

You will be guided to complete a networking web, research potential employers, write and practice a 30 second introduction, practice employer cold calls and request an information meeting. We will discuss how to use social media to add to your network. You will use the Internet to research and create a list of potential employers and begin contacting them.

To optimize your learning, please bring a copy of your resume, if you have one, and/or start thinking about possible employers that offer the type of work you are looking for. For this workshop, you should know what type of work you are looking for.

Resume Writing

Objective: You need a top-notch resume to get an interview! This workshop will help you create a targeted resume that will make you shine as a job applicant.

We will discuss how to target your resume to job descriptions and use accomplishment statements to clearly demonstrate how you meet the required core competencies in context of the position you are applying for. You will get one-to-one assistance and have time to work individually on your master or targeted resume.

To optimize your learning, it would be helpful to have a paper or electronic version of your resume available and a way to save your documents electronically. In addition, if you have a job description for a job you wish to apply, please bring that along.

Cover Letter Writing

Objective: A good cover letter can help you stand out from the crowd. Learn how to correctly format a cover letter and use it to sell yourself.

We will discuss the formatting components of a professional cover letter and learn how to include valuable additional information that is not already included in your resume. You will receive one on one assistance and have time to work individually on your cover letter.

To optimize your learning, you should have the job description of the position for which you are applying.

Resume Writing For A Career Change

Objective: You will learn how to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the transferrable skills and core competencies necessary to obtain a position in which you have no direct experience.

You will learn the relationship between skills and core competencies and research those that are needed to find employment in your desired area. We will visit the WorkBC and Government of Canada websites and you will learn how to carefully examine and dissect a job posting to determine what skills are most relevant to the position. We will discuss how to write your transferrable skills and core competencies on a resume and show that you are a viable candidate!

To optimize your learning, you should bring a copy of your current resume and begin researching the requirements of job postings that interest you.

Interview Skills

Objective: You will feel prepared and more confident when participating in an interview and learn how to articulate the answers to some common behavioral questions.

In this workshop you will be introduced to the different formats for interviews and learn how to give a good first impression. We will discuss possible answers to commonly asked interview questions, particularly those tricky behavioral questions. In addition, we will prepare questions that you may have for your potential employers. As a group we will participate in a “mock” interview. You will leave this workshop feeling more confident, deal with interview “jitters”, and stand out from the crowd!

To optimize your learning, please bring a copy of your resume if you have one available. Previous attendance at the Skills ID or Resume Writing workshop would enable you get maximum benefit from this workshop.

Skills ID

Objective:  You will learn the difference between skills and core competencies, and how these relate to job descriptions. You will learn to identify and clearly articulate your skills and competencies on a resume, during interviews and in interactions with potential employers. Research time in the computer lab will allow you to identify employers/careers that fit with your skill set.

In this workshop we will discuss the nine essentials skills that people need for work, learning and life. We will visit the Government of Canada website and look at the NOC (National Occupation Code) for some common occupations.  We will visit the WorkBC website for occupation descriptions and view lists of skills that may apply to you. By the end of this workshop you will have a written set of accomplishment statements that can be used in your job search!

To optimize your learning, please bring a copy of your resume or as much information as possible about your past job descriptions.

Career Planning

Objective: You will participate in a variety of career planning activities in order to determine career options and feel more confident about your career decision making process.

This is a one-and-a-half-day workshop where you will participate in group discussion and on-line aptitude testing to learn how to assess your skills, values, personality traits, and interests as they relate to various career options. You will be introduced to basic psychological principles regarding job satisfaction and determine how they relate to your past and future employment. Researching careers of interest, you will be introduced to the concept of a cost/benefit analysis for educational paths. You will leave more self-aware and empowered to make employment related decisions.

To optimize your learning, reflect on what type of jobs you have had in the past and what caused your satisfaction or dissatisfaction within those jobs.


Linkedin Workshops

Employers will often check your online presence to learn more about you. Having a LinkedIn profile is a great tool for job search and networking. You can access two different workshops –LinkedIn Fundamentals and Optimizing LinkedIn for Job Search


Objective:  You will leave this workshop with a LinkedIn account to elevate your employment search. If you have an existing LinkedIn account, this is a good opportunity to update the information for relevancy and completeness

During this session clients will be introduced to the purpose and benefits of creating a LinkedIn account.  You will create an account, begin to create a profile and add relevant employment and education information.

If you would like to optimize your learning, please bring a copy of your current resume and any information about your formal education, including dates.

Optimizing Linkedin For Job Search

Objective: This advanced workshop is focused on LinkedIn specifics. You will build upon your prior knowledge of LinkedIn to increase the depth of information on your LinkedIn page.

The focus here is to fine tune your completed profile specifically for job search by using advanced settings and searches. You will learn how to set up automated job searches, discover tips and tricks with formatting, plus use keywords to increase the visibility of your profile to potential employers.

In order to optimize your learning, you should already be familiar with LinkedIn in and have a basic LinkedIn account.

Computer Skills Workshops

Basic Computer Skills 

Having computer skills have become an essential for job seekers; Applying for jobs online has become the new normal and most jobs requires a basic understanding of computers. Our Basic Computer Skills Workshop will prep you with the following tools:

    • The Computer: Parts and Pieces
    • Turning on the Computer
    • Using the Mouse
    • The Desktop
    • Reviewing the parts of the desktop and what they do
    • Shutting Down the Computer
    • Microsoft Windows
    • How windows work, explain what windows are, how the task bar works, minimize and maximize.
    • The Start Menu
    • Files and Folders
    • Explain how files and folders are arranged on a computer

Microsoft Word Basics 

Microsoft Word has become a part of the basic computer requirements for many office jobs and is a great tool to use when creating or editing resumes or cover letters. In this workshop, you will learn the basic functions of Microsoft Word and how to use them including exploring the ribbon, creating and editing documents, file management and resume formatting.

Android Basics 

For anyone who’s been living with an Android phone we know navigating through it can be daunting especially if you’ve never owned a smartphone before. Although there are many different versions of Android, there are some basic tips that everyone can use to master Android. In our Android Basics Workshop we will cover:

  • Getting to know your device
  • Basic apps
  • Accessing the internet (and Wi-Fi)
  • Adding and deleting apps
  • Accessing your device’s settings
  • Introduction to the Play Store
  • App safety
  • Protecting your device
  • Wi-Fi security
  • 5 things you didn’t know you could do with your smartphone

Email Basics  

When you’re looking for a new job, many applications will be completed online and usually directly emailed to an employer. If you are new to emailing, our Email Basics Workshop will help you set up a professional email account as well as teach you the process of sending, receiving and deleting emails as well as working with attachments. Additionally, you will have a chance to apply for jobs online and learn correct etiquette and safety while emailing.

Internet Safety 

Living in this digital age can be challenging especially when looking for work online. Our Internet Safety workshop will leave you with the basics to keep yourself protected and safe while on the internet. Learn topics ranging from: Creating strong passwords, avoiding spam, malware, and phishing, computer security, safe online shopping, understanding browser tracking, cookies and privacy settings